Provillus For Women

Provillus For Women

Provillus for Women (Minoxidil).

Provillus for women features Minoxidil 2% topical serum and brand-new- developed hair vitamins developed for female loss of hair.

Provillus for women is specifically designed to the female biochemistry to eliminate early hair thinning and avoid sever hair loss. The preparation supplies the hair roots with the nutrients required to trigger hair regrowth, stop unexpected hair loss and force the follicle to produce thicker hair.


  • Vitamin B-6– This vitamin has many health benefits. An absence of this vitamin in the diet can trigger lots of various negative health effects including abrupt loss of hair and thinning hair in women. A B-6 supplement can stimulate hair and nail development. Vitamin B-6 plays such a crucial role in the body and is the essential part of any hair loss treatment.
  • Biotin— Has hair growth simulating advantages and is likewise part of the B household of vitamins. Biotin shortage can likewise add to thinning hair in women.
  • Horsetail Silica– This is the primary ingredient required to stimulate hair development in females.

The active ingredient that promotes hair regrowth is called Silica– it is a really reliable antioxidant, which adds to the decrease of totally free reactive radicals that damage cells and speed up aging. Like Minoxidil, Horsetail Silica can increase blood circulation to the hair roots. The increase in blood circulation indicate more nutrients to the roots therefore avoiding hair loss and stimulating hair regrowth.

Guidelines for Use:.

Wash hands with soap and make sure you scalp is dry prior to applying Provillus. You require to apply 1 ml with dropper or more finger pumps. You require to do this 2 times each day in the ares where you hair is thinning.

If you get Provillus in your eyes, rise with cool water and if needed contact a physician.

Unfavorable Reactions:.

Provillus for women is 100% all natural and has NO reported side impacts but you may show to be allergic to among the ingredients in this preparation. Check out the label to ensure you don’t have an allergy.

The topical serum (Minoxidil) does have some moderate documented negative reactions, including small scalp irritation, irritation or soreness triggered by increased blood flow. In this case, flush your scalp with water up until the burning stops and contact a doctor.